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The Boiler Seafood & Crab in Buckhead - Atlanta, GA

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I had the pleasure of interviewing JV, one of the owners of The Boiler Seafood. Opening up during the pandemic was tough, but despite all odds and almost 50% of African American restaurants closing during the pandemic, the boiler seafood grew to be the fastest restaurant in the country, with over $8 Million in sales in the first 14 months in business. It has become the hot spot for Atlanta's rappers, reality stars, actors, and sports athletes. What started as a seafood restaurant quickly became a celebrity hot spot due to its delicious food and amazing atmosphere.

Chad Dillon is the 31-year-old founder and CEO of The Boiler Seafood Atlanta. Chad describes it as providing an upscale seafood boil experience within Atlanta’s city limits. The Boiler Seafood Atlanta was founded by Chad Dillon, a Brooklyn, New York native with a knack for identifying businesses that a community may be in need of. Dillon was inspired to start his restaurant after being denied as a franchisee of The Juicy Crab - recognizing that Atlanta was lacking food businesses within the seafood boil niche. "I found that as Atlanta’s outskirts were growing in the seafood boil industry, the actual city of Atlanta hadn’t been tapped into," he said. "So I created and launched a seafood boil restaurant, The Boiler Seafood, in Atlanta’s most prominent neighborhood, Buckhead." Thanks to Dillon's keen business sense and delicious seafood boils,

The Boiler Seafood has become a Buckhead staple - providing Atlantans with an upscale seafood boil experience right in the heart of the city. They are known for their Seafood Egg Rolls, Fried Crab Cake, Fried Lobster Tails, and Louisiana Style Crawfish Etouffee. They have daily specials like Oyster Mondays, Cracked Crab Tuesdays, Wine Down Wednesday, Margarita Thursdays(Extremely Popular), and Happy Hour Monday through Friday, which is my favorite with the $5 Henny Bag. The service is always great and they make sure you're taken care of. I highly recommend The Boiler Seafood if you're ever in Atlanta!

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