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Online Fitness Class

Your Body, the Way You Want It, at home or in the gym


Choose Any Workout Format

Create workouts with a combination of exercises, supersets, interval training, AMRAP, and timed routines.

Alternate Exercises

Provide a variety of options to challenge clients of all levels or work around any limitations.

Auto Progression

Program using percentage-based training to automatically calculate and assign weights for your workouts.

Advanced Exercise Tracking Fields

Go beyond weight and reps. Provide guidance using RPE, cadence, speed, heart rate, and more.



Body Metrics

Track, monitor, and analyze any kind of metrics, such as body fat %, weight, or waist measurements.

Exercise History

Eliminate the guesswork. Quickly view client training progress with exercise and workout history.

Progress Photos

The scale only tells half the story. Help clients visualize their training efforts with progress photo

Track Your Progress Anytime

All-In-One Holistic Coaching Tools for Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Habit Coaching

Track sleep, steps, water intake, and more to establish a healthy active lifestyle.

Task Accountability

Help clients complete any assignment using built-in motivation and reminders.


Assign meditation practice and journaling to help cultivate clarity and purpose.


Level Up With
Macros Tracking

Provide daily accountability and set different macros for rest days and training days, so clients can perform their best each workout.

Holistic Health Coaching Made Easy With Integrations

Eliminate the need to toggle between multiple fitness apps by integrating Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and Google Fit into our platform.

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