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Christian Frazier 

A Certified Life, Health & Nutrition coach specializing in weight loss & diabetes. Christian has been featured on Dr. Oz, Conde Nast,, Norvo Nordisk,, and the Front Page of the New York Post as one of four New Yorkers with amazing weight loss stories. 

Christian is a highly accomplished military veteran, life coach, former pastor, trainer, speaker, and author with over 25 years of experience in empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. He is known for his thought-provoking and inspiring words and has inspired people from all around the world with his message of personal and professional growth.


He has worked with a wide range of populations including teachers and students, the homeless, and groups and individuals from all walks of life. He has been recognized as one of the most influential, funny, generous, charismatic, inspiring, and authentic personalities in the business world today. Christian has also been featured in several magazines and newspapers for his business acumen, including Black Enterprise Magazine, Slate Magazine, The Orlando Business Journal, The New York Post, The New York Times, The Orlando Sentinel, and Florida Realtor Magazine. Additionally, he has made appearances on television and in press interviews, sharing his expertise and insights on personal and professional growth. Because of his advocacy, many people have been inspired to seek therapy and improve their mental health.

As a teacher and mentor, Christian is always on the forefront of new technologies and concepts, and is committed to helping others achieve their best selves. He is a catalyst for change and human growth who provides value to everyone he encounters.

Why people need a life coach
Career development: Many people seek help from life coaches to navigate their careers, whether that means finding a new job, transitioning to a new field, or climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Relationship issues: Life coaches can help individuals improve their relationships with partners, family members, and friends.

  • Stress and anxiety management: Life coaches can teach techniques for managing stress and anxiety, such as mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

  • Time management and organization: Life coaches can help individuals better manage their time and become more organized, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress.

  • Goal setting and achieving: Life coaches can help individuals set and achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Self-esteem and confidence building: Life coaches can help individuals build self-esteem and confidence, which can lead to greater success in all areas of life.

  • Life balance: Life coaches can help individuals create balance in their lives, between work and personal time, relationships, and other responsibilities.

  • Financial planning and management: Life coaches can help individuals create a budget and financial plan, and teach them how to manage their money more effectively.

  • Health and wellness: Life coaches can help individuals improve their physical and mental health through exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

  • Personal growth and development: Life coaches can help individuals explore their values, beliefs, and purpose in life, and assist them in developing a fulfilling and authentic life.


Workshop Attendee

You have helped me more in one day than a entire year of therapy.



Thank you Christian

Corporate Client

You are my timeline photo, and I honor you for every single post that you have been sending. I need you to know that I see every single one, and I smile. You kept me going during a very intense time at my job during a corporate realignment.

Pastor in Philadelphia

I have been following your posts and I love how you challenge people's mindset in all areas of life. You are such a life changer in so many ways!!

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