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Relationship Coaching

"Elevating Together" - "Achieve a higher level of partnership with our expert advice"
"Date to Mate Coaching" - "Find the perfect partner with our dating coaching"
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Christian Frazier is a highly qualified relationship and couples counselor with over 30 years of personal relationship experience. He is trained in Alternative Family CBT, Codependency, Couple Communications Boot Camp, Christian,, and      Science-Based Counseling, a Certified Life Coach, and a Meditation Coach.

These credentials and experiences provide a wide range of benefits for couples seeking counseling.
Alternative Family Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help couples understand and address the underlying issues causing problems in their relationship.

Codependency coaching can help couples to break unhealthy patterns of behavior and improve communication.

Couple Communications Boot Camp is designed to help couples improve their communication skills and build a stronger foundation for their relationship. Christian and Science-Based Counseling provides a holistic approach to counseling, incorporating spiritual and scientific perspectives. 
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