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Elevate Your Corporate Training Events with Dynamic Soft Skills Workshops

Rev. Dr. Christian Frazier (Speaker/Facilitator)
Rev. Dr. Christian Frazier

As event planners, meeting planners, HR directors, and conference organizers, your goal is to provide engaging and impactful experiences for your attendees. One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating dynamic soft skills training into your events. Rev. Dr. Christian Frazier and Elevated Minds Coaching offer a series of corporate training workshops designed to enhance workplace productivity, well-being, and harmony. Let’s explore the benefits of each workshop and how they can transform your next event.

Elevate Your Corporate Training Events

1. Elevated Minds: Stress Mastery Workshop Elevate Your Corporate Training Events


  • Understanding Workplace Stress: Identifying common stressors and their impacts on productivity.

  • Science of Stress: Exploring the physiological and psychological aspects of stress.

  • Identifying Stress Triggers: Personal and organizational stress factors.

  • Practical Stress Management Techniques: Breathing exercises, mindfulness, and time management.

  • Interactive Stress Relief Exercises: Real-time application of stress relief techniques.

  • Building a Stress-Resilient Workplace Culture: Long-term strategies for fostering a supportive environment.

Elevate Your Corporate Training Events

2. Elevated Minds: Workplace Wellness Mastery


  • Introduction to Workplace Wellness: Understanding the importance of holistic wellness.

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Incorporating mindfulness practices to enhance focus and reduce stress.

  • Conducting Effective Wellness Checks: Regular and empathetic wellness assessments.

  • Techniques for Showing Empathy: Building a culture of compassion and support.

  • Creating a Culture of Wellness: Developing policies and initiatives to promote overall well-being.

  • Case Studies: Success stories from companies with strong wellness programs.

ElElevate Your Corporate Training Eventsevate Your Corporate Training Events

3. Elevated Minds: Emotional Intelligence Elevation


  • Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence: The core components of EI and their relevance in the workplace.

  • Enhancing Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation: Techniques for recognizing and managing your emotions.

  • Developing Social Skills and Empathy: Improving interpersonal relationships and understanding others.

  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Applying EI principles to lead effectively.

  • Interactive EI Development Activities: Real-life scenarios and role-playing exercises.

  • Measuring EI: Tools and methods for assessing emotional intelligence levels.

Elevate Your Corporate Training Events

4. Elevated Minds: Mastering Communication Excellence


  • Core Communication Skills: Fundamentals of effective communication.

  • Active Listening Techniques: How to truly hear and understand others.

  • Non-Verbal Communication: The power of body language and facial expressions.

  • Overcoming Communication Barriers: Identifying and addressing common obstacles.

  • Effective Feedback and Constructive Criticism: Providing feedback that encourages growth.

  • Building a Communication Culture: Establishing norms and practices for open communication.

Elevate Your Corporate Training Events

5. Elevated Minds: Conflict Resolution Mastery


  • Understanding Workplace Conflicts: Types of conflicts and their impacts.

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies: Approaches to managing and resolving conflicts.

  • Mediation and Negotiation Skills: Techniques for facilitating agreements.

  • Role-Playing Conflict Scenarios: Practicing resolution techniques in simulated situations.

  • Building a Conflict-Positive Culture: Turning conflicts into opportunities for growth.

  • Conflict Prevention: Strategies to minimize conflicts before they start.

6. Elevated Minds: Leadership Elevation


  • Defining Leadership in the Modern Workplace: Characteristics of effective leaders.

  • Leadership Styles and Their Impact: Exploring different leadership approaches.

  • Building Trust and Influence: Establishing credibility and motivating others.

  • Developing Future Leaders: Mentorship and succession planning.

  • Interactive Leadership Exercises: Hands-on activities to develop leadership skills.

  • Ethical Leadership: Promoting integrity and ethical behavior in leadership roles.

7. Elevated Minds: DEI Mastery


  • Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Core concepts and importance.

  • Benefits of a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace: Enhancing creativity, innovation, and performance.

  • Strategies for Promoting DEI: Practical steps to foster diversity and inclusion.

  • Overcoming DEI Challenges: Addressing resistance and barriers.

  • Creating an Inclusive Culture: Developing policies and practices that support DEI.

  • Measuring DEI Impact: Tools and metrics for assessing DEI initiatives.

8. Elevated Minds: Cultural Competency Mastery


  • Importance of Cultural Competency: The benefits of cultural awareness in the workplace.

  • Identifying Cultural Differences and Biases: Recognizing and addressing personal and systemic biases.

  • Enhancing Cross-Cultural Communication: Strategies for effective communication across cultures.

  • Cultural Competency in Teamwork: Building cohesive teams with diverse members.

  • Building a Culturally Competent Workplace: Policies and practices to support cultural awareness.

  • Case Studies: Real-world examples of successful cultural competency programs.

Why Choose Elevated Minds Coaching?

Rev. Dr. Christian Frazier is a recognized expert in mental health, emotional intelligence, and leadership. His workshops are designed to be engaging, interactive, and transformative, making them perfect for any corporate event. With a proven track record and tailored solutions, Elevated Minds Coaching ensures that your attendees leave with valuable skills and insights.

Book Your Workshop Today!

Elevate your next event by incorporating one of our dynamic soft skills training workshops. Contact Rev. Dr. Christian Frazier and Elevated Minds Coaching today to discuss your needs and customize a training program that fits your audience.


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