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Stop Jumping into relationships with a single mindset

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Many of us have been single so long or some of us have never been in a healthy relationship and find it difficult to switch out of single mode with simple things like when you think about dinner or lunch and forget to think about your partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend. Sometimes the gestures and thoughts are small but they start adding up to a lot. The other partner is constantly thinking that you don't care or appreciate them and it creates conflicts. If no relationship discussions or if a temperature check is not done on a regular basis it can explode. Doing an excessive amount of temperature checks in a relationship can be annoying but having them on a regular basis is crucial to a long lasting healthy relationship personally or professionally.

Fear often prevents us from getting into a good relationship, leaving a bad one or saying what’s necessary to maintain an existing one

(Taken from a blog) As adults, we become afraid of intimacy. We either avoid closeness ourselves or become attached to someone who avoids intimacy, providing the distance that we need to feel safe. If the relationship ends, even more fears of abandonment and intimacy can be created. Some people avoid relationships altogether, are more guarded, or enter another abandoning relationship. Fearing rejection, we may be on the lookout for negative signs, even misinterpret events, and believe it’s hopeless to talk about our needs and feelings. Instead, we may break up or engage in distancing behavior, such as criticism or spending more time with others. When the relationship ends, we again feel more alone, rejected, and hopeless #relationshipquotes #relationshiptalks

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