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Navy Veteran - Christian Frazier to continue voiceover work for a national recruitment campaign

The Department of the Navy has renewed a contract for a 5th year with Navy Veteran Christian Frazier to continue providing voice-over services for their national recruitment campaign. Frazier has been providing these services since 2018 and has voiced radio, television, and social media content.

Christian started his career in 1989 in the Navy Nuclear Power School, the second most challenging school in the world, next to MIT. He then changed jobs and went into telecommunications and information systems.

Christian received many honors and medals while serving such as The Joint Meritorious Award for Joint efforts with The Coast Guard for joint drug operations, Desert Storm/Desert Shield Medals, and more.

"I'm proud to have lent my voice to help recruit some of the best and brightest men and women our country offers, " Frazier said. "I'm excited to continue this work and bring new and diverse talent into the Navy."

Being in the Navy taught me a lot. I learned how to be a leader, how to adapt to change, and how to work in a team environment. I also learned how to solve problems and how to be self-sufficient. Having a top-secret clearance taught me how to be trustworthy and how to get projects done on time. All of these skills have been invaluable in my career.


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