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Elevating Relationships That Last

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Course Outline: Lesson 1: Where Did the Passion Go? - Understanding the importance of trust and communication as the foundation of a strong relationship. Lesson 2: How to Keep it Special - Emphasizing emotional intimacy and empathy to foster a stronger connection. Lesson 3: Help! It's Already Difficult! - Navigating challenges as a team and building trust and security. Lesson 4: Keeping Challenges to a Minimum - Embracing personal growth and strengthening intimacy. Lesson 5: Did I Make a Mistake? - Cultivating gratitude and playfulness to deepen the bond. Lesson 6: Relationship Expectations, Definitions & Boundaries - Exploring transformative work for personal growth and self-awareness. Lesson 7: Understanding and Communicating Defenses, Triggers, Lost Parts, and Unmet Needs. - Recognizing and addressing relationship defenses, triggers, lost parts, and unmet needs. Lesson 8: Elevating Relationships That Last - Recovering and repairing damaged relationships with patience and understanding. Lesson 9: Doing the Transformative Work - Practical methods for recovering a damaged relationship. Lesson 10: Doing the Transformative Work Part II - Rekindling a relationship on the brink and embracing change. Lesson 11: Let's Talk About Physical Intimacy - Techniques to reignite passion and desire in the bedroom. Lesson 12: Recap - Summarizing all lessons, emphasizing patience, and re-attracting your partner through self-reinvention.

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The Elevated Mindset

The Elevated Mindset

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