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Choose your pricing plan

  • Elevate Your Life

    Therapeutic Coaching
    • One Hour Life Coaching Session/Therapeutic Coaching
    • Trained in Pastoral Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Trauma Counseling, Grief Counseling
    • Private and Confidential
    • If you need someone to talk to I am available
  • Virtual Wellness

    Every month
    All-In-One Holistic Coaching Tools for Lasting Change
    Valid for 6 months
    • One Hour Initial Consultation to discuss goals
    • 4 Thirty (30)Minute Virtual Coaching Sessions
    • Customized Workout Plan with timed pauses/breaks
    • Access to Meal Plans, Cooking and Healthy Shopping Videos
    • Track & monitor body fat, BMI, Weight & Waist Measurements
    • Exercise History and automatic weight increases
    • Track Micro and Macro Nutrients
    • Learn to create Healthier Habits
    • Daily Accountability
    • Mindfulness Meditation Training
    • Yoga Training
    • Journaling
    • Create workouts with a combination of exercises, supersets,
    • Auto Progression to increase weights
  • The Blueprint

    Every month
    The Transformation Blueprint
    Valid for 3 months
    • Transforming old patterns and behaviors
    • Whole Health Life Coaching Plan
    • Daily Accountability Via Text
    • Task and Habit Coaching for building healthier habits
    • Reducing Limited Mindsets & Getting Unstuck
    • 1 Hour Weekly Life Coaching sessions via video or in person
    • Personalized Meal Plans & Workout Plans, Meal Tracker
    • Fitness App with Videos & Workouts including timed workouts
    • Building Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
    • Workshops and exercises on building Self-Confidence
    • Learn how to foster better relationships
    • Food Allergy & Bio Testing
    • Access to meal plans, cooking & healthy shopping videos
    • Career Planning & Goal Planning
    • Working on removing negative self talk
    • Fitness, Productivity, Yoga, Meditation Training
    • Unlimited Access to 1000's of Videos, Training, Challenges
    • Personalized Exercise Plan
  • Platinum Coaching

    (6 Months) Save $1000
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited Access to Videos, Training, Challenges, Meal Plans
    • Personalized Meal Plans & Workout Plans, Meal Tracker
    • Free Access to a Group Life Coaching Retreat
    • Resistance Bands & Workout Plyo Boxes
    • Baseline Biometric Reading
    • Everything included in the Gold Coaching
    • 24 One Hour Coaching Sessions Via Zoom
    • Business Coaching
    • Food Allergy Testing
    • Testosterone Testing
  • Marketing Consult

    Learn How to Market Your Business on Social Media
    • Business Tools for Tik Tok, FB, IG, Google, Google
    • Published SEO Expert & Certified Social Media Marketing Pro
    • Learn Tools, Tips and develop a marketing strategy
    • Learn Lead Generation & Cultivation Strategies
    • 4 Hours of Planning
    • SEO Audit of your website and Social Media
    • Video Branding and Consultation
  • Onsite Branding

    Perfect for Restaurants & Venues
    • Onsite Live Broadcast
    • Professionally Written Review
    • Post on Google Maps (Level 8 Guide with 62 Million Views)
    • Post on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Facebook(Review)
    • Photos & Videos to use for your social media
    • Post on Blog
    • Promoted for the next 30 Days(30K to 50K views)
Life Coaching and Booking: PaidPlans
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