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Christian Frazier 

A Certified Life, Health & Nutrition coach specializing in weight loss & diabetes. Christian has been featured on Dr. Oz, Conde Nast,, Norvo Nordisk,, and the Front Page of the New York Post as one of four New Yorkers with amazing weight loss stories. 

Life coaches are professionals who help you achieve personal or professional goals. While approaches to life coaching vary, most focus on empowering individuals with the tools they need for success through goal-setting and motivational interviewing techniques that allow them to make decisions about their lives without feeling too overwhelmed by all those possibilities.

Therapy is focused on repairing holes in your mind, while coaching focuses more heavily on empowerment and motivation. A life coach often works to reinforce therapy but also works with your trainer, doctor, and nutritionist. A life coach pulls the entire team together to work toward a common goal. 


  • A life coach is a perfect investment to help you to clarify your purpose and passions in life, and better equip you to work through specific problems. 

  • Working with a life coach provides accountability which can help you to reevaluate your thinking, assumptions, and beliefs. 

  • Life coaches can help you better manage your time and increase productivity.

  • A life coach may be perfect for you if you want to achieve your life goals, have more self-confidence and focus, foster better relationships, increase emotional intelligence, and have self-awareness. 

  • Investing in a life coach is an investment in yourself because it's a supportive, evidence-based educational and motivational experience that can have a lasting impact on your life.


Workshop Attendee

You have helped me more in one day than a entire year of therapy.



Thank you Christian

Corporate Client

You are my timeline photo, and I honor you for every single post that you have been sending. I need you to know that I see every single one, and I smile. You kept me going during a very intense time at my job during a corporate realignment.

Pastor in Philadelphia

I have been following your posts and I love how you challenge people's mindset in all areas of life. You are such a life changer in so many ways!!

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